Our sugary list of advices

Our sugary list of advices

Amsterdam is full of little adorable corners where you can taste delicious food or dream all the night in a cozy room. It’s all about finding the right door… here it is our “palette” of them.

Kimpton De Witt Hotel

Something coming from an enchanted wood seems to flatter in this hotel. It wouldn’t be too unusual to find a little elf or a fairy hidden among your pillows. Probably, this is due to those pretty fabrics which cover armchairs and and sofa, as well as to the flowers blossoming in every corner. If you find a dragonfly laying on the line of your chair, you can understand you have found a curious and charming place to rest. And the Kimpton has  exactly that sort of atmosphere. Just think about the brass little insects which welcome on the doors: elegant sculptures that introduce you into the world of a fairytale. And all the stay can be considered a magic part of it. From the hall, gently scented with a delicate aroma of flowers, to the breakfast served in their modern bistrot. It couldn’t be better to discover the hidden canals of Amsterdam, knowing that after a day of art, mystery and cold wind, there will be a fairy dwelling ready to greet you with a cup of tea and a smile.


Pastel pink curtains, refined marble tables, a Parisian touch in the atmosphere. In the corner of Pulitzer Hotel, looking on a nice channel, here it is Jansz. One of the coziest bistrot you can find in Amsterdam. Starting from the entrance, with nice plants and elegant furniture, to what the chef creates on ceramic. Just like a little painting of fresh vegetables from the garden combined with savory ingredients. Scrambled eggs becomes yellow spots on a pillow of spinach; burrata cheese enjoys to be surrounded by colorful tomatoes and aromatic herbs. And then, a bit of truffle on the top to complete the picture with taste. Pastel tones and French passion can make food so artistic and lovely… without forgetting the picturesque setting with all its flowers and refined details.

De Silveren Spiegel

A lot of Amsterdam historical past can be breathed in those refined rooms. Blue decorations on porcelain, silver flatware and a flawless service create a charming frame coming from the deepest heart of canals. And the food confirms everything, adding something special and familiar to this nice picture. When you taste the freshness of those eggs served on a little bit of straw, the idea of being at a table of a golden past joins the image of the Dutch country, gently populated by its mills. It’s a dreamy sensation, perfect to introduce the creativity of the chef, who is able to decorate a starter of crab  with a wreath of petals and flavors. A combination which cannot be easily forgotten, as well as one of those beautiful still life masterpieces you can find at the Rijks. And then, after some good fish and poultry, it’s time to have an unusual conclusion with the Dutch Apple Pie. Nothing close to the traditional version: an explosion of creativity and innovation. There is no better evidence to demonstrate that history without a future perspective is useless: the master of De Silveren Spiegel has definitely understood the lesson. 

The Duchess

Hidden in the heart of an ancient bank, its elegance and majesty create the perfect setting for a Michelin starred dinner. The name perfectly suggests the general feeling: grandiose chandeliers, refined tables and exquisite furniture. The elegance of a duchess of the past which surrounds an innovative way of having a charming dinner. Sharing is the keyword; tasting flavory combination comes immediately next. You can try several purposes that will appear little by little when they are ready. An interesting concept having deserved the estimated star. A colorful kitchen with intense notes of spices and uncommon ingredients. A princess couldn’t desire anything better for her wonderful location…

King Louie

If you’re looking for the best retro fabrics and models… this is the ideal place. Tons of adorable colours, prints and accessorizes ready to evoke pretty frames of the past. Losing ourselves through dozens of floral dresses is not difficult, as well as being unable to decide which skirt could go better with a striped blouse during a spring morning. Even Woody Allen would be fascinated by the variety of clothes he could find to dress up the protagonist of his next vintage setting…

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